Missional Worship Songs For A Missional Church Movement

Every Nation Music recently recorded its new live worship album, “Doxology,” which features singers and songs from all over the world. Among the countries represented are Germany, Malaysia, South Africa, Australia, and the Philippines.

With “Doxology,” our Every Nation music family seeks to bring missional music to worshippers worldwide by creating and releasing missional worship songs. “Doxology” was recorded at Nashville’s Ocean Way Nashville Studio, a world-famous facility where many of the world’s premiere artists have recorded, including Christina Aguilera, Garth Brooks, Casting Crowns, Kelly Clarkson, Celine Dion, Avril Lavigne, and Matchbox Twenty.

Our homegrown music team, Victory Worship, also recently collaborated with Citipointe Live and Every Nation Music on a song entitled, “Heart Open Wide.” The song is included as one of the tracks in Citipointe Live’s new album, Into The Deep, and is a result of a collaboration between Citipointe Live’s Aaron Lucas & Joel Ramsey, Victory Worship’s Lee Brown and Yan Asuncion, and Every Nation Music’s Justin Gray. Click here to buy “Heart Open Wide” on iTunes Philippines.

We at Every Nation Music and Victory Worship are not just passionate about making music; we also seek to instill missional worship in the hearts of God’s people. Let us continue to support these collaborations as we bring, not just great songs and good music, but intentional missional worship to the world.

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