On Missional Worship: God’s Presence, Power, & Purpose

by Julius Fabregas

One brisk summer evening, I joined several thousand other Christians to hear a world-renowned worship artist share his experience, play his familiar worship hits, and minister to us.  It was quite a moment to experience, and my heart was overwhelmed with gratitude to be there. In the moment, I asked myself, “What is it about his worship music that catches people up in God’s presence and makes them want more?”

Hands were lifted up, knees were bent, heads were bowed, tears were flowing as the beautiful music played on. “Ask Him for more!”

The worship artist exhorted us, “More of His glory, more of His presence, more of His power! Let Him fill you, go on, cry out for more!”

Most followed his lead.

I started to get fidgety after approximately an hour and a half of “soaking,” with no particular ending to the meeting in sight. ​It was then that the Holy Spirit dropped the phrase “Missional Worship” in my spirit. ​As I pondered what it meant, I realized it was really quite simple: when we encounter GOD’s presence through worship music, His power fills us more, not just for an experience, but for His purpose!​

​Acts 1:8 reminds that, while, yes, God’s power works in us and for us, He also wants His power to work through us as well.

Having been a Christian serving in full-time ministry for many years, I’ve been to many meetings and conferences whose leaders or attendees wanted to visually experience GOD’s power, with many waiting on “manifestations.”

Believe me, I’ve seen a lot from getting slain, weeping, wailing, shrieking, shaking, shouting, laughing, cackling, jumping, spinning, even growling!

All of these in an assortment of bodily positions and movements, of course.

Most of the time, they seemed genuine; other times, they genuinely made me wonder! :-)

The term “soaking,” among others, has been used to describe people’s longing to just sit and stay in GOD’s presence until they arrive at a glorious experience.

Sometimes, it happens; other times, it doesn’t, and the meeting ends up feeling like a reeeeaaaally long meeting. :-0

Have you ever been in one of those meetings?

Is “soaking” a biblical term or concept?

“Wait,” “Be still,” “Seek,” and “Pray” are similar and familiar terms, yet they imply a deeper meaning than just staying in GOD’s presence.

For instance, Luke 10:39 details the story of Mary sitting at the feet of JESUS for a purpose: to hear his heart and instructions.

Meanwhile, Isaiah 6:1-8 is a powerful description of an encounter with God, probably one of the most incredible times in GOD’s presence, ever recorded in all of Scripture.

In terms of glorious manifestations, it doesn’t get any better than this: the LORD Himself on the throne, heavenly beings, heavenly garments, heavenly activity, heavenly worship, an earthquake, burning coals & the smoke of His presence!


Let’s examine briefly what takes place: first, Isaiah experiences GOD’s glory in the most breathtaking of ways.Next, he senses his unworthiness in GOD’s holy presence but experiences GOD working in him to cleanse and prepare him. He then hears GOD speaking a call for His purpose. It concludes in verse 8, when after encountering God’s presence and power, Isaiah responds missionally, and says, “Here I am, send me.”

Every Nation president and cofounder Pastor Steve Murrell says, “when we encounter the Holy Spirit, it should make us more missional, not mystical.”

Every Nation is a missional movement, and therefore we should have missional worship music to help us serve GOD’s purpose for us.

When we encounter GOD’s presence through worship music, His power fills us more not just for an experience but for His purpose, which is ultimately the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20.

This is what Missional Worship music is for, and this is why we at Every Nation Music do what we do: help bring people to worship GOD, experience His glory,  and His power working in us, for us, but through us as well!


Pastor Julius Fabregas is the executive director of Victory Worship and the senior pastor of Victory Makati.

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