Tahan Na Song Devo | Week 2


Tahan na, mga matang umiiyak 

(Be at peace, eyes that are crying) 

Punasan na luha mong bumabagsak 

(Wipe away your tears falling down) 

Puso mo ma’y mangamba at tumamlay 

(Though your heart may grow weary and faint) 

Sa himig ng pag-ibig Ko’y iaakay 

Takot mo’y mawawala, hawakan mo Aking kamay 

(Your fears will fade away, hold my hand) 

‘Di Kita iiwan, ‘di Kita pababayaan 

(I will never leave you, I will never forsake you) 

Lumisan man lahat, Ako’y nandito lang 

(Though all may leave you, I will still remain) 

Hahawakan lang Kita, hanggang sa wakas. 

(I will just hold You, until the very end) 



The Lord your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing. Zephaniah 3:17  



Have you ever experienced playing with an inflatable ball in a swimming pool and tried holding it down under the surface? How did the ball react as you tried submerging it down the very bottom? You could say that its desire or tendency was to keep rising to the surface. It keeps trying to sneak up from under your feet or hands because of a force that pushes it out of the water. This force that pulls the ball out of the water is like God’s love for us. The power that keeps rising above anything a sorrowful person goes through is God's love. This love keeps us afloat in our sorrows, pains, and anything we will ever go through. This unstoppable love keeps us going even when we have no more strength left. 

The Jesus we love and worship is not needy (as surprising as that may sound to some). He is not a God who is greedily demanding that we put on a happy face even if we’re not really happy. He is a God who can sympathize with our grief (Hebrews 4:15). He understands us. He is a good God who can and will wipe away our tears. When our pains are too much to bear, the weight of God’s love for us will quiet our cries and make us rise above our sorrows, just like the inflatable ball. 

Worship is a two-way conversation. In worship, it is not just us speaking or singing, but also God showing Himself, communicating, and talking to us. As you come to Jesus today, be encouraged that you are not just invited to give in worship; you are also invited to receive. Your worship experience today does not need to end with just good feelings. We can allow the weight of God’s love for us to overpower the weight of our burdens. He will comfort, heal, and restore us. You may not have a song to sing from your heart today because of your profound pain. But as we sow our sorrows, God’s love will quiet us, and He will sing over us with His peace. The sorrowful now will forever be joyful. 



1. Recall a time when you experienced God’s powerful love for you. Share how powerful this experience was. 

2. How can you make your worship to God a two-way conversation?


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